I Hope We'll Meet Again
I'm Jess. I love Jesus, tea, stars, books, writing and my amazing friends and family.

I’m having so much fun this week! We drove the big red van to Oswestry, and we’re spending the week jumping around on stage being stupid and teaching kids about God. I am spending the afternoons studying, and the evenings eating at different people’s houses (which is always funny, every time). Today Pete and I spent half an hour chasing each other on kids bike things and this evening we’re going to watch Frozen. It is so good to have something to take my mind off everything, and God is being so good to us. The people here are really looking after us, and it just feels good to come and get to know a different church. Happy happy happy.


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Gone gone gone like the dark at dawn

It’s so good to see you and yet so horrible. I really don’t want you to leave, and yet I’m kind of desperate for it. You’re one of my closest friends, and yet it pains me to spend time with you. I don’t even know what I want anymore. 


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Camellia Fiber Company

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